UKIP Councillor Alan Graves says its official UKIP Councillors are the best value for money

It is official that the UKIP Councillors in Derby cost the taxpayer less compared to any other political party. The calculations are still true when divided by the number of councillors each party has. On average the Labour party councillors cost the taxpayers the most, followed by Conservatives, then Liberal Democrats and then finally UKIP.

Average Labour Councillor received £20,387.62 from the taxpayer which is over twice as much as the average UKIP councillor who received £9,547.84.


The top earner from the council, is the Council Leader, Labour Cllr Ranjit Banwait, who received £47,937.50 from the taxpayer. This is excluding his other job working in a bank.


UKIP Councillors on average in Derby claims the least amount from the taxpayer compared to any other party. They also put a motion into the council to reduce the number of Councillors in an effort to save the taxpayer even more money. UKIP have said that it would cut the number of councillors by 1/3 and this alone would save between £300,000-£400,000 per year.  However, this was voted down by the Labour councillors and was not supported by the Conservatives or Liberal Democrats.


The amounts have been extrapolated using data from the last financial year and each councillors income from Derby City Council (excluding Stephen Willoughby as he was elected in March with allowance payable from 13th March, 2017 – outstanding basic allowance of £514.63 to be paid at start of 2017/18 financial year).


Labour Party:


Liberal Democrats Party:


Conservative Party:



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