UKIP Councillor Alan Graves say UKIP are the only party in Derby that listens

Alan Graves has said today that UKIP are the only party in Derby that listens to people as they have no whip.


He says that “Do you really want another 4 years of Labour rule on the council? A council that has consistently been deaf to your concerns and your views, even when you have made it perfectly clear what you think?”

Then he uses the 8 storey block of flats Raynesway as an example as five Labour Councillors voted for the Raynesway flats to go ahead in Alvaston despite over 400 residents rejecting the application.


Alan Graves admits “We may not be the biggest party on the council but UKIP is the only party where your views matter and your views are heard in the council chamber. We have no whip and that effectively, makes all UKIP councillors independent. Not many people know that all  other parties are beholden to their leaders’ decisions whereas UKIP councillors want, and have, to listen to the views of their constituents.”

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