UKIP Councillor Alan Graves describes Derby run council as incompetent

Today UKIP Councillor and Group Leader Alan Graves blasts the Labour run Council as “incompetent” and that Labour are dragging Derby down with their bad policies.

Councillor Graves has said that “The last 5 years we have seen unpopular spending decisions, questionable behaviour from some Councillors, problems with the accounts, and many protests from unhappy residents and workers, especially teaching assistants.”


He goes on to say that “This Labour Council now has now earned the lowest reputation for our city  in a long time, possibly ever, being listed in Private Eye magazine ‘Rotten Borough’ section.”


Councillor Alan Graves is up for re-election in Alvaston in a few weeks and he says electing him will bring back common-sense policies to the council.


“All of our policies are based on common sense. For instance, we should have zero tolerance on anyone found Fly Tipping. It is a disgusting habit, it costs genuine law-abiding people money and the council should prosecute perpetrators.”


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