South Derbyshire Ex-Conservative Councillor Joins UKIP

Ex-Conservative Councillor Joins UKIP

Cllr Ray Tipping representing Woodville on South Derbyshire District Council is not happy
with how the Conservative Government are progressing Brexit.

Ray is a hard working local councilor and will continue in this vein. Woodville voters
overwhelmingly voted for a clean proper Brexit, not one where the country has the worst of
both worlds.

Ray wanted to join UKIP for some time, having been a previous member but was unhappy
with the run of leaders. Now Henry Bolton has gone this has given him the impetus to take
the plunge.

Ray commented “I want to be involved with a party that speaks on behalf of the people,
listens to the needs of the people and not to just tow a party line. I have been gagged as
a Conservative and criticized for saying what I believe is right. I am sick of the two-party
system, it is outdated and proven not to work. This country needs UKIP. We fought hard
to get Brexit and we need to make sure the government doesn't back track which is what
seems to be happening.”

Cllr Alan Graves for UKIP, “Ray has been a good friend for many years and we are delighted
with this news. Ray is a clear example that UKIP is needed in our politics, and he will be a
real asset to us, and his constituents”.

Ray Tipping was elected in 2017 as a strong Brexiteer.

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