New policy allows Alvaston residents to vote on Council policies online

News story: A new policy has been launched in Alvaston today, where Councillors Alan Graves and John Evans have signed up to the i-Direct democracy website – a new platform that gives power to the people.



The i-Direct platform bridges the gap between policies and decision-making, bringing it directly to the people it affects. i-Direct is a web-based system that allows residents to discuss and vote on policies which Councillor Alan Graves and Councillor John Evans will support in Council.


This will offer a direct democracy platform to the voters of Alvaston, Derby. The policy is designed to change the current out-dated political system, to a new direct democratic system, based on technology.


It is easy for Alvaston residents to sign up:

  1. Register your account on
  2. Wait for a postcard with a six-digit pin ****** to activate your account
  3. Once your account is enabled you can debate and vote on policies.
  4. Councillors Alan Graves and John Evans of the Alvaston Ward have agreed to follow the majority in Council.


With the i-Direct platform; people can no longer claim that politicians do not pay attention, because the new platform gives voters the final say.


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