Councillor Graves says final negotiations have been agreed and are good for Alvaston and the city

The leader of UKIP Councillor Alan Graves and the leader of Liberal Democrats Ruth Skelton are ready to prop up a Conservative minority council, lead by Conservative Councillor Chris Poulter.
Currently Labour is the biggest group in the Council with 23 seats, however they fall shorty by 3 for a majourity.
Conservatives has 20 seats, Lib Dems has 5 and UKIP has 3, which combined is 28; 2 more than what is needed.
It seems that the rainbow partnership is the only way to keep Labour from controlling the Council which after the recent local election seems to be the wish of the people as labour have lost seats to both Conservatives and UKIP. The Conservatives overtook Labour on the vote share.
All three parties had plans in their manifesto to move towards a committee system. Setting up a committee system, instead of a cabinet system is high priority for all the three leaders. Initially, the new administration will operate an interim cabinet system, which will comprise of Mr Poulter and a number of cabinet members, the make-up of which has yet to be revealed.
Labour ran the city using a cabinet system, which has been criticised for allowing decision-making to rest in the hands of just nine people on a 51-seat council. A committee system is intended to spread decision-making among more councillors pro-rata based on their representation on the authority.


UKIP Councillor Alan Graves added: “If we do this right, then this is the best day for the city of Derby for many years. ” But he also said that his councillors were free to vote as they wished and “there was not a whip on them to toe a party line” and that he had “one or two more points to iron out” with Mr Poulter and Ms Skelton.


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