Bettany says it me or Banwait in Boulton

Paul Bettany has said voting for anyone else but him will allow Ranjit Banwait to win in Boulton.

He says it is “simply him or Ranjit Banwait”.

Paul Bettany the UKIP candidate for Boulton Ward has said that “He has not been surprised at how many people have mentioned how the Labour leader, Ranjit Banwait, promised residents so much four years ago, and failed so many times.”

He goes on to say that “Mr Banwait is now panicking and promising to change his ways. Paul thinks he has had his chance and it is time for someone who lives in the area to take over.”


Paul Bettany is up against Derby City Labour Leader Ranjit Banwait in Boulton Ward. UKIP lost to Labour by only 10 votes last time. Paul has said “Locally the Conservatives haven’t got a chance”, “I am the only candidate that lives in Alvaston”, “Voting Conservative will only allow Labour and Ranjit Banwait to ruin this city”

Paul has been campaigning with the Banwait Out Campaign Group.


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